AP Imagination

A design fiction exhibition
What constitutes our imagination capacity, and can we teach imagination? Can we create a Design Fiction mindset through education? What does this pedagogy look like? What are the frameworks and physical environments that it would inhabit?

This classroom manifests the physical and intellectual characteristics that shaped education and pedagogical approaches throughout the decades. AP Imagination classroom is a “time-traveling anthropologist” exercise.

 It was inspired by a series of discussions with Julian Bleecker, a designer, engineer, and design fictionist. A mixed setting of educational activity from different decades that coexist in an experimental space of past, present, and future artifacts. This classroom explores this coexistence. AP Imagination stands for cultivating autonomous practice.

AP Imagination emerged from the pedagogy of the course Debates in Design and was part of the MDes Design Showcase during the fall semester of 2021, where it was awarded the “MDes Showcase Spectacular Award”.




Renders, Texts, Diagrams, Exhibition


Designer, World and Word Builder, Exhibition Designer

Initial Sketches

Chia Ling Chen, Georgios Grigoriadis, Hannah Bartolomea, Jan-Simon Veicht, Jiaxuan Ren, Sara Friend

Maxon Cinema4D, Rhinoceros, Adobe Creative Suite