AA Thessaloniki Visiting School “REFORMATIONS”

 The installation “Eos» (Ηώς) is an experimental prototype of architectural design and construction, organised as a collaboration between the Department of Architecture AUTH and the AA. The project was designed and fabricated on the premises of AUTH, with the use of their Digital Design and Construction Laboratory. The complete installation was presented as a public exhibition in the Teloglion Foundation for Fine Arts Museum.

 The focus of this scientific design programme has been on the use of digital fabrication via computational design for the creation of a series of parametric proposals on interactive and kinetic morphologies. Within the span of 10 days, Eos (Ηώς), an architectural prototype was developed and fabricated; the design process explored the limits and correlations between architectural design, technical expertise and modern digital construction. Cultural and environmental elements were integrated in the design highlighting a number of topics of contemporary reflection.
 Eos is structured as a frame made of 123 pieces of composite wood (MDF) that have been digitally designed and constructed. The component-based prototype has its’ different “cells” covered with Lycra, which is then fixed in multiple places. Arduino micro-controllers that were assembled by the participants enable independent interactive features by ensuring movements on Eos’ surface in selected locations.

 Apart from the motor mechanisms, the prototype incorporates visual animations, which arise from investigations of Thessaloniki’s urban fabric and are 3D mapped and projected on Eos. Thus visitor participation and interaction is encouraged through the controlled movements and visuals of the surfaces in real time.

 The implementation of the prototype Eos was made via a participatory process with successive comparative approaches and multiple alternative experiments that yielded a series of very interesting intermediate sketches, drawings and models. These are part of the first stage of the Greece Visiting School where design proposals were formed from separate groups of participants, which also were exhibited in the Teloglion Fine Arts Museum.




Digital and Analog Fabrication, Computational Design, Drawings, Diagrams, Models, Sketches


Designer, Fabrication Coordinator

Grigoriadis Georgios, Rossikopoulou-Pappa Stella, Sotiriou Joanna, Triantafyllidou Magda, Christos Kakouros, Maria Petsani, Artemis Psaltoglou, Giannis Sxoinas, Anna Rizou, Emmanouil Megalooikonomou, Dimitrios Chatzinikolis, Niki Papacharalampous, Safi Omarov, Maria Christopoulou, Georgia Skartadou, Katerina Kotsampasi, Stavros Kasimatis, Eirini Sapka, Joanne Spyridi, Konstantina Tsagkaratou

Rhino3D, Grasshopper3D, Autodesk Maya, Adobe Creative Suite, Arduino, Electronics