A narrative of technical causality

  Acclaimed historian and architect Robin Evans stated, already in the early 00’s, that the gap between architectural representation and actuality is constantly deepening. In a higher abstraction level, one could claim that if buildings are not enough, then, definitely, our drawings of buildings are not enough either. If we want to be honest with ourselves, our everyday design routine consists of endless translations, from Euclidean space to raster world and vice versa. How would be our perception transformed, if we took the above assumption extremely literally? 
‘Gerunds’ is a research work- part of our diploma design thesis- that gets initiated from two starting points. The first is the notion of housing as part of building production. The second one refers to the emergent technologies focusing on machine mediated vision. The former functions as primal material for the series of technical exploration that the latter follows. Housing primitives (Ideational Solids) of the Greek Building Regulation are used as input in a series of routines of technical Gerunds (Rendering, Sensing, Modeling etc.). The work tries to explore the ontological aspects of each command-gerund in the design proccess and how this could be translated in the production of space.
  Gerunds’ is an on-going transcription of architectural clichés, building regulations, and representational gestures on the yet unexplored landscape of machine mediated vision and housing primitives.




Computer Graphics, Digital Fabrication, Sensors and Cameras


Designer, Architect, 3D Modeler, Fabricator

Dimitrios Chatzinikolis, Georgios Grigoriadis

OpenFrameworks, Processing,Maxxon Cinema4D, Rhinoceros3D, Grasshopper3D, vvvv, Autocad2D, Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Kinect One, Webcam, CNC (Homag BAZ211), Vacuum Forming, Laser Cutter/Engraver, 3D printing