Knitted Fields

Media studies on the design process

 Knitted fields has as initial starting point the notion of ‘Fields’ and their properties. It coorelates them with the technics and technology of knitting.

Through analyzing these notions we initiate a series of experimentations with digital and analog media. The central set-up of the experiment includes the projection of digitally changing images and fields upon a physical model of the site area in 1:1000 scale. Settings and set-ups are varying and changing. 
The set-up consist of a projector, a Microsoft Kinect One, analog physical transaparent films, and physical models.
 Knitted Fields tries to investigate how this kind of procedures and media can inform and enhance the design process and the design decisions made throughout it. A, not so final, final version of the experiments inform the not so final, final design attributes of a new Railway Station in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece.



Computer Graphics, Digital Fabrication, Sensors and Cameras


Designer, Architect, Fabricator

Vasileios Aloutsanidis, Georgios Grigoriadis

Rhinoceros3D, Grasshopper3D, Autodesk Autocad, Adobe Creative Suite, Processing, Projectors, Microsoft Kinect One