A structure made from one material
A cloud perceived as a dome
A dome perceived as a cloud
A sensorial exploration of space and material
A dome made from many

Nephos is an installation made during the course “08EX12 Spatial Investigations” with the research agenda “Domes E/W”2015-2016 at the School of Architecture of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. It is a collective work of 8 students.
 Nephos consists of seven layers made with tie- wraps. The sheets are designed in such away to form a dome for the“user”. Different packing investigations led to the final definition of tie-wraps connections. Nephos is composed out of 40.000 tie-wraps. 

Nephos was fabricated with the support of Sapiselco, a leading tie wrap manufacturer of Europe.



Fabrication, Diagrams, Models, Sketches


Builder, Architect, Designer

Georgios Grigoriadis, Dimitrios Chatzinikolis, Vasileios Aloutsanidis, Iliana Papadopoulou, Daphne Gerodimou, Anastasia Printziou, Maria Petsani, Stela Salta

Rhino3D, Grasshopper3D, Adobe Creative Suite, Wood/Metal/Stone Power Tools