Octapad v02

A work from home modular device

 Weird times create weird devices. Octapadv02 is a modular-basic interactions device- to acompany individuals in working from home. It is positioned on the workspace and offers interactions to respond to the overwhelming effects of working long hours in front of a computer. Adjust the lighting conditions of the workspace, give motivation when needed and accompany work with music are the main interactions ofthis specific modular setup.

 The device takes a modular design approach that consists of a central polygon control unit and several peripheral modules. The design intention was to allow users to attach different modules and shape their work from home device to assist them.
The central control unit consists of the basic input modules and the screen of the device. Around the polygon shaped central unit a series of smaller modules are attached with magnets.

 The vision is that each user can buy different modules and shape their own Octapad based on their most needed interactions when working long hours from home.

This prototype was developed during the course of Technology Design Foundations in the Master of Design at UC Berkeley in Spring 2021.




Electronics, Digital Fabrication, Sensors and Cameras, Capacitive Sensing


Designer, Creative Technologist

Georgios Grigoriadis

Fusion360, Raspberry Pi, Laser Cutter/Engraver, Electronics, Google Cloud Platform