Sympoiesis (WIP)

Robotics as design material
Robotics as design material.
Sympoiesis is an interactive drawing installation that explores the relationship between humans and robots within a creative context. As human-machine interactions become more ubiquitous, this thesis conceptualizes co-creative human-robot interaction in the context of creative processes that occur in architecture, design and art. Drawing inspiration from design studies and the concept of Silent Game, the project explores this symbiotic relationship through a series of short, planar-drawing, turn-taking exercises and an evaluation and interpretation phase that follows. Sympoiesis aims to inform our understanding of the teaching and learning that happens on both sides of the drawing table.

UC Berkeley Master of Design (MDes)
College of Engineering / College of Environmental Design

Thesis Advisors:
Professor Dr. Eric Paulos
Professor Kyle Steinfeld




Robotics, Renders, Texts, Diagrams, Interactive Installation


Designer, Design Technologist

Georgios Grigoriadis

Work in Progress