Selected Projects


A narrative of technical causality. An on-going transcription of architectural clichés, building regulations, and representational gestures.

/ Architecture, Media Studies, Models, Data Transcriptions, Machine Vision, Design Ontologies

A project about remote tangibility. A projector that transports the collaborative spirit of art studio into your own home. 

/ Hardware Hacking, Hardware Design, User Research

Flora Ephemera

An augmented reality experience/intervention at a public pathway in Berkeley California. 

/ Augmented Reality, Public Space, Unity AR , Augmented Garden

Ares Source

A speculative design project about the future of space exploration.

/ Speculative Design, Design Fiction, Space Exploration, Mars, World Building, Word Building, Story-telling


Post Palimpsest

Robotic Fabrication on EMUs 


Cirrus Fibratus

Public Landscapes, Future Ruins

Paradisiacal Samplings (TAB)